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Many patients are finding that dental insurance does not adequately cover their oral health needs, which is why we offer an in-house membership that ensures every penny of your money goes directly to your dentistry without the limitations often found with commercial insurance. For more information, contact Salem Dental today, or visit the Salem Care Club website below.

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Covid-19 Update

Governor Kate Brown issued non-essential closure of businesses; dentistry is considered essential and we are open. If you have urgent needs or are not sure if something is classified as urgent, please do not hesitate to call us. We are answering phones, answering questions and treating patients. Doctor Huish is available for you when times are good or bad. If you call after hours, press 5 on the phone system and it will contact him directly on his cell phone. He wants to share the message that if a tooth goes untreated, it may progress into a bigger problem. Our goal is to prevent dental emergencies and keep you out of hospitals/emergency rooms. Please be cautious and stay healthy.

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