Dental Crowns and Bridges in Salem OR

With the constant force of chewing, it’s no surprise that sometimes broken teeth occur. This likelihood increases when habits such as teeth grinding or clenching occur. Broken teeth, especially molars, require reinforcement from the appropriate dental restoration, which often means a dental crown, or cap.

Unlike fillings and bonding, which merely seal the tooth, a dental crown completely encases the tooth, adding stability and replacing the damaged enamel. In most cases, patients prefer tooth-colored porcelain and porcelain blend crowns that match the surrounding teeth and smile.Couple | Crowns & Bridges Salem OR

In addition to broken teeth, dental crowns also address a number of other conditions that put teeth at risk.

  • Significant wear
  • Advanced dental decay
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Protection for root canal-treated teeth
  • Smile makeovers
  • Full mouth reconstruction

The best way to find out if a dental crown will save your tooth from extraction and improve comfort is to contact our Salem dental office to arrange an exam. We will present each of your treatment options so that you can make an informed choice.

Your Dental Crown Procedure

At Salem Dental, Dr. Seth Huish and our entire team dedicate themselves to providing high-quality dental crowns with minimal discomfort. We will always ensure that your tooth is completely anesthetized before we begin any procedure so that you have a pain-free experience.

Dental Crowns | Salem ORDr. Huish will remove all of the damaged tooth structure and reshape the tooth, making space for a dental crown to fit correctly with opposing and adjacent teeth. An impression of the tooth gives the dental lab the information necessary to create your custom dental crown. Until it arrives in our dental office, we will protect your tooth with a temporary crown.

When we cement your final dental crown, Dr. Huish will make any minute adjustments for fit. His precise approach to dentistry leads to dental crowns that look natural and feel comfortable. Opting for a dental crown can extend the life and function of your tooth by decades.

What Happens When a Tooth Cannot Be Restored?

In spite of our best efforts to save teeth, occasionally, a tooth may be too damaged or diseased for a dental crown and requires extraction. A missing tooth does not necessarily mean the end of a beautiful smile. Dental bridges provide a non-surgical solution to a missing tooth.

Dental Bridges to Complete the Smile

Dental bridges require dental crowns on healthy, adjacent teeth to hold an artificial tooth in place. Like our dental crowns, the dental bridges we create in our Salem dental office will blend in with your smile.

Replacing missing teeth is not only excellent for your confidence, but it also protects your bite by preventing your remaining teeth from shifting toward the gap left by missing teeth.

Are You Ready for a Healthy Smile?

Contact Salem Dental to book an appointment. Our friendly and professional team looks forward to helping you achieve your goals for your smile.