Tooth Extractions in Salem, OR

At Salem Dental, our experienced dentist Dr. Seth Huish strives to help patients receive the dental care necessary to avoid tooth extractions. Sometimes, however, removing a troubled tooth, or teeth, is the best way to protect your oral health. When the need for a tooth extraction arises, our team strives to make the entire process as efficient and painless as possible.

We also offer a number of tooth-replacement options to restore your smile in the wake of tooth loss.Jaw Pain | Extractions Salem OR

Conditions Requiring an Extraction

When we detect oral conditions early, we can often repair a tooth rather than extracting it. This is why maintaining twice-yearly dental appointments is so necessary. Decay and periodontal disease often do not feel painful until they are advanced and more challenging to treat.

Common reasons for an extraction:

  • Infection in the tooth or bone
  • Split or severely fractured tooth
  • Unsuccessful root canal treatment
  • Problematic wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic extractions
  • Tooth broken at the gumline

Often, patients come to us with a painful tooth and request an extraction. We only recommend teeth extractions as a last resort or to resolve an issue. In many cases, root canal treatment, dental crowns, and gum treatments provide a less costly and complex solution.

When an extraction is necessary, you can count on your Salem Dental team to ensure the best possible outcome for your health and smile.

Simple and Surgical Extractions

Simple extractions are appropriate for teeth that have emerged above the gumline. Simple extractions often heal more quickly and do not usually require stitches. Surgical extractions are for impacted teeth that cannot erupt entirely, or that grow in at odd angles, pressing on the remaining teeth or roots.

Either way, we will discuss pre- and post-operative instructions to promote a smooth procedure. Our gentle and compassionate dentist performs every extraction only when your tooth is completely numb. Pain-free dentistry is possible!

Dental X-Rays | Salem ORWisdom Teeth Extractions

Having wisdom teeth removed is so common it is practically a rite of passage for teens and young adults. While many people have four wisdom teeth, it is not uncommon for there to be only three, two, or even none present. A full evaluation and x-rays will reveal any problems associated with your wisdom teeth. In most cases, removing them is the best bet to protect the alignment of your bite and your remaining teeth.

Mild bruising and swelling are common after a tooth extraction, and patients can typically find relief with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication with the approval of their doctor.

If your wisdom teeth are not painful, and you opt to keep them, it is essential to give them the extra home care they will require. Because of their location at the very back of the mouth, wisdom teeth are more likely to develop decay or gum disease in the surrounding tissue.

Do You Need a Dental Extraction?

If you suspect you need an extraction and live in the Salem, OR area, contact our dental office to book an appointment with Dr. Huish to go over each of your options.