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3 Ways You Can Prevent Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are inconvenient and scary. If you could protect yourself from having a dental emergency, would you take steps to do it? Of course, you would!

While it’s true that accidents do happen, and some situations are out of our control, did you know that there are many dental emergencies that you can actually avoid or prevent from happening? Here’s how.

#1: Visit Your Dentist Consistently Every Six Months

Most dental infections are the painful result of tooth decay that is left undetected or untreated. When you visit your dentist in Salem, OR regularly for cleanings and checkups, they can find tooth decay early on, which allows you to have your tooth ...

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How Dental Implants Restore More Than Just Your Tooth

Dental Implants Salem OR

Losing a tooth impacts more than just the way you eat and chew your food. A missing tooth can also affect your confidence and how you feel about interacting with other people. If you are feeling embarrassed about how your smile looks, you may tend to hide it from others, which may not give them the impression of you that you'd like.

The good news is that dental implants in Salem offer a natural look and feel when replacing your tooth; and better yet, they also protect your dental health. Here's what you should know about dental implants.

How a Dental Implant Works

Dental implants offer a unique benefit that no other ...

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