Zoom! Teeth Whitening

get white teeth in Salem OR with tooth whitening

Get Beautiful White Teeth in Salem OR

You won’t find a faster or more impressive whitening solution than Zoom! Whitening. If you want bright white teeth that are six to ten shades lighter than your current shade, you’re ready to discuss Zoom! with your dentist.

The Zoom! Tooth Whitening System

Zoom! combines a powerful tooth whitening formula with gas plasma light technology. This fast-acting system will produce stunning results after just one hour in the dental chair.

Come see one of our cosmetic dentists for a few painless 15-minute tooth whitening sessions at Salem Dental. In this short amount of time, your teeth will reach their maximum natural whiteness. Our caring dentists and staff will take your needs and comfort into consideration throughout the procedure, and make sure you are content with your teeth whitening experience.

Can I Safely Achieve White Teeth?

When you opt for Zoom! Teeth Whitening, you won’t have to sacrifice your safety for white teeth. Clinical testing has proven that the Zoom! formula and procedure are both safe and low-sensitivity.

Zoom! won’t damage your dental work or your natural tooth enamel. In addition, its protective ingredients will minimize your sensitivity during and after the tooth whitening process.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Skip the discomfort and disappointment of the store bought teeth whitening kit. Come speak with your experienced dental professionals about your professional whitening options in Salem. Some of the benefits of professional teeth whitening include:

Look Healthier, Be Healthier | When you have a brilliant smile, others will perceive you to be healthier and happier. Your beautiful smile will encourage you to maintain good brushing and flossing habits throughout your life.
Confidence Boost | A beautiful smile changes your overall appearance significantly. You may find yourself smiling, laughing, and enjoying social interactions more than ever before.
New Opportunities | Your stunning smile will help you stand out to everyone you meet. Your winning smile may create new opportunities in business and in your social life.

It takes an artist to design an incredible smile, and you can trust the authorities of Salem Dental. We can’t wait to give you a great Zoom! Teeth Whitening experience. Give us a call today if you are in the Salem OR area!

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