Sedation Dentistry

oral conscious sedation dentistry in Salem OR

A Perfect Dental Procedure at Salem Dental

If visiting the dentist makes you feel uneasy, maybe you should consider sedation dentistry. At Salem Dental, we provide both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. We recommend sedation dentistry for patients who:

Need Advanced Care | Perhaps you need more intensive care because dental anxiety has caused you to delay your treatments. No matter the reason, we are a judgment-free office. We will help you receive the care you need for a healthy and beautiful smile, with none of the anxiety or pain.
Have Sensitive Teeth | Do you have sensitive teeth or gums? Does the idea of a simple cleaning make you shudder? You won’t have to worry about any sensitivity when our professionals administer a combination of numbing anesthetic and conscious sedation.
Have a Poor Relationship with Dentistry | Many patients have had poor dental experiences in the past. Salem Dental cares about the experiences and needs of each unique patient. Sedation dentistry might be the key to a stress-free dental visit.
Cannot Sit Still Easily | Some individuals simply don’t have the tolerance to sit in the dentist’s chair for an hour or more. Sedation dentistry is a great solution for patients who have difficulty sitting through their procedure for any reason.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a safe gas that is inhaled through a face mask throughout the procedure. This mild form of conscious sedation effectively relaxes the patient from head to toe. If you choose nitrous oxide, you will enjoy decreased anxiety and the sensation that your procedure lasts only a few moments.

nitrous oxide dentist in Salem OROral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation patients take a small prescription pill shortly before their appointment time. The medication will allow you to feel relaxed and calm before and during your dental procedure. You will remain conscious and involved in your care, but you may not remember the sights or sounds of your appointment.

Don’t Postpone Your Dental Care!

When you wait to have your teeth treated, small cavities and chips grow larger. Procedures will become more invasive and expensive. The best thing to do is visit our office right away for a consultation with our friendly doctors.

At Salem Dental, we are dedicated to both your health and your experience. Ask about adding nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to your procedure. Together, we can eliminate your dental fear. Call today!

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